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Premier Provider of Innovative Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting & Water Treatment Solutions since 1976
Why is soil steaming becoming so popular in ag businesses?

Why is soil steaming becoming so popular in ag businesses?

Did you know that soil steaming increases yields, saves money and is organic?

Soil steaming is catching on across the ag business landscape. From commercial greenhouses and nurseries to vineyards and orchards, there are a surprising number of research-supported benefits to switching from chemicals and herbicides to steam. Some fascinating facts…

Who can get steamed?

Soil steaming will benefit many ag-businesses. To name a few: vineyards, tree farms, greenhouses, nurseries, vegetable growers, cannabis growers, hemp growers, ornamental growers, orchards & more.

Soil steaming is far less hazardous, frees up labor for more productive activities, gets you planting faster, and can help improve your overall yield. Plus new technologies enable precise zone control so you always steam at the right temperatures.

Soil steaming benefits.

Weeds & diseases can become resistant to chemicals over time, but steam will always remain effective.

Supports Organic growing

A commercial soil steamer uses clean water to kill pathogens, eliminating the need for hazardous or now-banned chemicals. Using soil steaming equipment produces clean, organic, and reusable growing media.

Increases yields

Studies have shown that when plants are grown in steamed soil, shelf life and yield can increase by as much as 30%.

Kills the bad, not the good biology:

After the soil has reached 180°F (82°C), growers maintain the soil temperature for another 30 minutes (dwell time). Studies have shown this safely eliminates the bad biology, as they are more susceptible to heat, leaving the good biology to survive and thrive.

Pasteurizes soil

Ideal Temp Studies have shown 180°F (82°C) safely pasteurizes the soil, eliminating pathogens, viruses, bacteria, weeds, pest, etc.

Significant cost-savings

We’re all looking for ways to reduce costs, and soil steaming delivers in a number of ways.

  • Sustainable growing. Reduces/eliminates frequent reapplication of costly herbicides and chemicals.
  • Enables reusing container soil. You don’t have to pay to dispose of contaminated soil or bring in new growing media.
  • Protects employees while freeing up their time for other jobs. Staff don’t have to worry about chemical exposure, and soil steaming can keep weeds in check for up to a year or more, depending on different factors in your operation.

Equipment Selection

Effective soil steaming and pasteurization requires the right equipment. You want a mobile commercial steamer, such as the Sioux Steam-Flo® that allows you to easily treat your soil. And you want a Zone Control Accessory to get the organic benefits of soil steaming in multiple zones with the precise temperature and time.

To learn more and receive a free demonstration, contact us at:

North Bay Equipment on 707.585.0100

Case Study

Dominican University

“I purchased the Sioux SF-20 Steam Generator for use at the National Ornamental Research Site at Dominican University (NORS-DUC) in San Rafael, CA. We perform research on soil pathogens and are required to kill those pathogens at the end of the experiments. The SF-20 is the perfect choice for what we need to accomplish.

The steam output is quite impressive for the amount of diesel it consumes. With this unit I am able to increase my steam area from my former operations with the Sioux SF-11 (yes, I’m a repeat customer). The machine works reliably throughout the year with never as much as a hiccup. One of the impressive things about purchasing from Sioux is the availability of their team when I need to speak to someone.

Whether its sales or technical issues they are very responsive and helpful in keeping me running, even when I’m at a remote site in the heat of things. I find the SF-20 to be a very dependable and powerful unit. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone seeking high levels of steam output and at an affordable price.” Vernon H. – California

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